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Michael Bertram

Michael Bertram photo Michael Bertram
  • Black Belt- 1 Stripe

Mike is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under 8th degree Coral Belt, Master Luiz Palhares. Mike has been teaching both adults and children for more than 10 years. He takes tremendous pride creating a safe, friendly and informative atmosphere for his students.

After examining other Martial Arts, Mike decided on BJJ, which is a very efficient grappling-based self-defense. This style utilizes control of an opponent through dominate positions with leverage- based techniques. Because Jiu-Jitsu, does not rely on striking, it can serve as a more peaceful way to end a conflict without causing undue harm. Students of the art achieve improvements in strength, endurance, mental well- being and confidence.

On top of being a co-owner of Mooresville BJJ, Mike is a full time Artist, specializing in Medical and 3D Animation. With an advanced understanding of the human body, Mike uses this detailed knowledge of human anatomy to help his students learn BJJ technique at an accelerated rate.


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