Dress Code

For adult classes you will be required to wear clean T-shirt/rash guard and shorts. Grappling shorts are preferred as they do not have pockets. Jean shorts or shorts with rivets are not permitted. Sleeveless T's or crop tops are not permitted....no one wants an armpit in their face. 

Not sure where to start with shorts or rash guard? Check out our branded store for easy buying or the links below:

Rash Guards

Good. Better. Best.


Good. Better. Best. 


Women's uniforms are the same as men's. If you would like you may wear legging/spats vs shorts. Women's rash guards are also available on our website. 

Kids uniform requirement is simply a plain white GI. Please use the size charts to find uniforms and apparel close to your child's size. 

Kids Gi

Good. Better. Best.

Kids Rash Guards

MOBJJ Kids Rash Guard

Kids Shorts

MOBJJ Kids Shorts

And finally, remember hygiene is essential for both you and your training partners. HERE are some tips on keeping your new threads fresh! 

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Click for a Free Introductory Class!

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