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Jonathan Cowen

Jonathan Cowen photo Jonathan Cowen
  • Brown Belt

Jon is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who has been practicing the martial art for close to ten years. As a black belt in Tae Kwon Do he wanted to expand his self defense skills so he came across BJJ, a grappling system. He was so impressed with the success these practitioners had in mixed martial arts contests and street fighting he enrolled in a BJJ school immediately.

Because of its very academic and intellectual nature, he absolutely fell in love with BJJ and has never looked back. Jon’s teaching style is based on concepts and principles which can be applied to all techniques. For him it is not just learning how the technique works, but it is learning why the technique works. This has been shown to facilitate and accelerate students’ learning as well as create a profound passion for the art. His favorite part of teaching is when he sees that “eureka” moment in his students. This is the point when they grasp the concept and can easily apply it.

One of Jon’s favorite sayings is “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu feels like you are cheating. You are not cheating. You are using science, physics, proper techniques with underlying principles and concepts to beat your opponent. This allows anyone, no matter your size, to protect yourself against anyone, no matter their size.”

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