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Kurt Buehlmaier

Kurt Buehlmaier photo Kurt Buehlmaier
  • Blue Belt

Kurt Buehlmaier is a blue belt and assistant coach for the youth program at Mooresville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kurt’s core values are: leadership, fortitude, authenticity, flexibility, and life-long learning. BJJ embodies all of those things to their fullest, so it was a perfect match for him and his three sons.

In his own words, “The thing I love most about working with the kids is that with BJJ, kids can defend themselves against people twice their size; it is the ultimate equalizer with bullies. Additionally, the confidence, discipline, and desire to never give up that they develop on the mat are traits that are critical to success off the mat. Being able to be part of that process is extremely rewarding.

Off the mats, Kurt works in Education sales at Microsoft and has his own business as a professional speaker and personal coach.

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